Rigel’s Process

Mission Statement

Rigel’s mission is three fold. First, to perform its fiduciary duties to the best of its abilities, by upholding the highest standards of ethics, code of conduct, and morality. Second, to continually strive to generate absolute positive returns for its investors. Third, to continually invest in the research and development of new, and existing, strategies in the tireless pursuit of alpha generation in all market environments.


Our approach to investing involves identifying structural opportunities for profits, in a wide array of financial markets, through a broad understanding of the macro, & micro, environment and complementing those opportunities with time-tested, systematized portfolio-management, & risk-management techniques.


GrahamAs Mr. Warren E. Buffett brilliantly puts it in his preface to the Fourth Edition of ‘The Intelligent Investor’ – by, the great, Mr. Benjamin Graham:

“To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.”


At Rigel, we strive for these two core ingredients:

1) Developing, and maintaining, a sound intellectual framework.

2) Keeping emotions from corroding that framework.


 A sound intellectual framework:

It is our revered belief that a sound intellectual framework on any matter can only be achieved through extreme intellectual curiosity on the inner workings of that matter for it is this curiosity that Frameworkenables learning, flexibility, and more importantly, adaptability. At Rigel, while we place great importance on the understanding of economic, and monetary, history to build our perspectives, we are continually trying to upgrade our understanding of the inner workings of the global financial markets through constant reading, & research. We invest a great deal of our time, and resources, swimming across an ocean of economic data, white papers, newsletters, journals, central bank publications, etc. We make it a point to publish the most interesting ones.

Keeping emotions from corroding that framework:

During Mr. Graham’s lifetime, or even during most of Mr. Buffet’s lifetime, the only way for an investor to achieve this would have been through extraordinary self-discipline. Fortunately, for us, we live in an age of automation, and artificial intelligence. The power of computing has grown exponentiallyEmotion over our lifetime. This is a massive advantage to portfolio managers of our generation; Rigel embraces this technology. Powerful programming tools, & techniques, enable us to back test, systematize, and automate almost anything that can be quantified as a repeatable investment/portfolio-management/risk-management process. By eliminating the need for any human interference, or discretionary input, from portfolio management/risk management we minimize the corrosive effects of our emotional responses to short-term-happenings.

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